Our CNC machined tapered bearing hinges are designed to support the weight of heavy doors and provide smooth, easy movement. They are able to handle the side-to-side motion of swinging doors, as well as the vertical force of heavy doors, making them an ideal choice for our steel doors which can weigh up to 1000 lbs. The hinges are CNC machined from 1.5 inch solid steel and welded to both the door and frame. The hinges feature a 1.25 inch taper bearing and hardened steel race, ensuring their durability and long-lasting performance These hinges are a reliable and high-quality feature of our doors, ensuring that they operate smoothly and effectively for their lifetime.
Each of our doors comes equipped with three ball catch closures. We also include a High Resilience Seal Strip made of PU foam and PE cover, which is resistant to deformation, wear, and tearing. Our doors are designed with a double Mohair track system that ensures smooth operation and a tight seal over their lifetime. We offer a variety of custom handles to choose from, and our designers can also help bring your own unique vision to life.

11/16 inch Ball Catch Closure

Each door comes standard with 3 of the highest quality ball catch closures.

Ball Catch Closure and Strike Plate

Detent 3

Stainless Steel Strike Plate

Detent 2

CNC Machined Solid Steel Hinge

Hinge Closeup on door
This is CNC machined out of 1.5 inch solid steel welded to the door and frame each hinge has a 1.25 inch taper bearing and hardened steal race for a lifetime of use.

Hinge Taper Bearing and Race.


Inside Door Seal

We seal your new door with a High Resilience Seal Strip made of high resilience polyurethane foam (PU) and tear resistance polyethylene cover (PE), which is not easy to deform, wear-resistant and tear-resistant.

Double Mohair Commercial Seal

Door alone 3
Our doors are designed with a double Mohair track system that ensures a lifetime of smooth operation and a tight seal.

Custom Handles

SD 36×96 – Handle B
We have several custom handles to choose from and if you have something special in mind our designers can help make your vision come to fruition.

Maximum Security Locks

Armatura Opened Door Bolts Out – 1
We provide top-notch security with our advanced armored doors and dual deadbolt system. With five 1-inch hardened steel bolts, our doors ensure maximum home protection. The exterior top deadbolt accepts a platinum 3-star anti-snap key, with three keys and code included. It can also be opened from inside with a thumb lever that operates the latch. The interior-only bottom deadbolt has a 1-inch steel bolt for added security. Rotating deadbolts extend further into the threshold for extra safety.